About Raudins Publishing
Raudins Publishing is a small business born out of the owner's love of old brewing and distilling books. His desire to make it possible for others to read these exciting texts from the past is what drives our business and the long hours laying out the books. We produce books which we feel we would be proud to have in our library. This goes not only for the book selection, but also the quality of the book that we produce. Each book has been selected because it offers a unique perspective on brewing or distilling, contains period recipes, and/or documents lost processes that our customers would find fascinating.

Originally just the dream of Glenn Raudins, along the way the work load has sucked his wife into this hobby. (We can all thank her involvement because one of the more thankless tasks she performs is going word by word, letter by letter, comparing originals to the new digital editions.) So when you see the word 'we', it is one of the two of us! No shipping department, no order fulfillment center, no 24 hour call center in India. Just us. We take personal pride in the books and do this because we love it. We hope that we are able to save this fascinating information back for the avid brewers, distillers, and general beer aficionados that are our customers and friends.

We are always interested to hear from our customers! If you have opinions, gripes, praise, or a problem with an order definitely let us know. You will always get our personal attention. If you are looking for a specific book, or would like to see a specific title republished, let us know! We are also always looking for more old brewing and distilling books to add to our collection, so if you have one you would like to sell, e-mail us with the information about the book!

History of Our Republishing

We started work on our first book, The Complete Practical Brewer, back in 2000. It took a couple years to develop the system which we use to produce the books, but we started taking pre-orders for it in February 2002, and shipped it that March. We truly appreciate all the support we receive from people who were willing to pre-order the book before ever having seen any of our work. Many of these customers are still our customers today, and we have never forgotten you! In the Fall of 2002, we continued by releasing The Complete Practical Distiller, Byrn's distilling book to match up with his brewing book. Many people thought we were crazy for releasing a distilling book, but good information on distilling can be hard to find. Thankfully, our distilling books have been received well by the community.

In 2003, we dug deep into brewing history and came up with two two fantastic brewing books to republish, The Town & Country Brewery Book and The Scottish Ale Brewer and Practical Maltster. Both of these brewing books are from the early to mid-1800s, and capture this era of brewing perfectly. One being from England, the other from Scotland, they present an excellent difference in views on brewing and how to perform it.

2004 was to be our dream year. Not because we hit the lottery, but because we republished books which had been on our list from day one to do, but they had waited until we could find copies and be able to do the type of work they required. (The typesetting alone was an enormous challenge for the books of 2004.) First in the year was Samuel M'Harry's Practical Distiller, a fascinating view into the production of early American Whiskey, and our second distilling title. Second in the year was Combrune's pivotal book, The Theory and Practice of Brewing. Combrune having been the first person to apply scientific principles, and a thermometer, to brewing, was an author that we were determined to make available once again to the brewing community. Combrune's book was also our first book from the 1700s.

2005 is upon us and we are working hard to stick to our original plan of introducing two books a year. So stay tuned, as we have some great books planned.

Why Republish Old Brewing & Distilling Books
In many regards, history has been unkind to brewing information.  Unlike in many areas of study, the knowledge of brewing today does not contain all of the knowledge used in the past.  Mass production of beer eliminated much of the information about private small family style brewing. Changes in the people's taste for beer eliminated information on some beer styles.  Prohibition caused the loss of information on brewing early American styles of beer.  Much information can be found in old brewing texts, but due to their age, and rarity the prices for these texts continues to increase.  In an effort to restore some of this information to the general brewing populace, at a reasonable price, we republish old brewing and distilling texts that we feel have important information and period recipes. 

Contacting Us:
Raudins Publishing is always happy to answer e-mails concerning our books and books you would like to see republished. So if you have any questions or would like to give us some feedback feel free to drop us an e-mail: brewbooks@raudins.com

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