Reviews and Articles about our Books

Below you will find copies of independent reviews of our books which have been done by some of our customers. They speak to the quality of our books and how the information in them pertains to the world of brewing.

Neil Spake's Review of The Scottish Ale Brewer and Practical Maltster
Click here to read a review of The Scottish Ale Brewer, which is scheduled to appear in the Scottish Brewing Archive's Newsletter. (PDF - 11k)

Jeff Renner's Review of The Complete Practical Brewer
Click here to read Jeff Renner's Review, which appeared in the Home Brew Digest, of The Complete Practical Brewer.

At times, we will find articles on brewing and distilling that refer to our books, have used our books as a reference for the information contained in their article, or discuss the original titles that we have republished.

Jaime Jurado's Seasonal Brews article from The Brewer International
Click here to read Jaime Jurado's article. (PDF - 251k). Jaime reference's Byrn's Complete Practical Brewer and Combrune's Theory and Practice of Brewing, though at the time Combrune was not yet available from us. (He actually had access to one of the scarce original copies of Combrune.)

Jaime is the Director of Brewing for Pete's Brewing Company / The Gambrinus Company.

Thomas Jefferson and Beer
This article from Monticello gives an historical account of Thomas Jefferson's pursuit of brewing beer. In particular, it describes Jefferson's use of Michael Combrune's Theory and Practice of Brewing.