Brewing and distilling are arts which have been practiced for thousands of years. Information on the practices in these arts over time have been closely guarded secrets. As times changed, ingredients, recipes, and techniques changed, causing a change in the products that were produced. Countless styles of beverages (beer and distilled spirits) are no longer available in society. Unfortunately, with the passing of time, information on these beverages, their production, and actual recipes for their production is becoming extremely scarce.

In an effort to address the loss of information on these valuable arts, we introduce our Classic Brewing and Distilling Series. The series contains republications of period brewing and distilling manuals. These books illustrate how brewing/distilling recipes, styles, and techniques have changed over time. Each book in the series has been selected because it either provides good period recipes, documents a significant change in techniques used, and/or delivers a detailed historical perspective on the arts. The books are printed in extremely short-runs (usually around 500 copies.)

Update: Fall 2018

Less than 15 copies of The Complete Practical Brewer, Combrune's Theory and Practice of Brewing, and Every Man His Own Brewer remain. There are only 2 sets of all six books left!

On sale this season are the Scottish Ale Brewer for $15.00 and M'Harry's Practical Distiller for $25.00.

The following books in the Classic Brewing and Distilling Series are available:

#7: Every Man His Own Brewer, 1768 & 1802, by Anonymous & Samuel Child
Two brewing volumes, by the same name but different authors, bound together for the first time! One book from 1768, and one from 1802, together providing an excellent perspective on British brewing in the later half of the 18th century. One amazing aspect about these books is that both of them has inspired a present day commercial beer!
Click here for more information about how the books, the beers thay have inspired, and how to order.

#6: The Theory and Practice of Brewing, 1762, by Michael Combrune
The most pivotal book in brewing! In 1762, Michael Combrune changed the brewing world forever. He published the Theory and Practice of Brewing, a book which treated brewing as somewhat of a Science and not just an Art. (He was the first author to advocate using the thermometer in brewing.) In this book he lays down the theory of brewing AND the practical application of his theories to the brewing of the beers of the time. Referenced by most subsequent brewing books, here is your chance to own the book that changed the brewing industry. Click here for more information about the book and ordering.

#5: The Practical Distiller, 1809, by Samuel M'Harry
The fifth title in our Classic Brewing and Distilling Series, and our second distilling title. When published nearly 200 years ago, Samuel M'Harry's Practical Distiller book was only the second American book on distilling. The book documents early American whiskey production, including techniques that were the pre-cursors to those used in the production of Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey. It is an essential read for whiskey and distilling fans. Click here for more information about the book and ordering.

#4: The Scottish Ale Brewer and Practical Maltster, 1847, by W. H. Roberts.
In the early 1800's there was quite a difference between how English and Scottish brewers practiced their art. Roberts recognized that brewing texts of the time described the English system of brewing in detail, but they did not address the Scottish system. To this end, he wrote The Scottish Ale Brewer. Click here for more information about the book and ordering.

#3: The Town and Country Brewery Book, circa 1830, by W. Brande
British brewing in all of its diversity, The Town and Country Brewery Book by W. Brande, circa 1830. A brilliant early 19th century English book discussing different types of regional English brewing techniques and their recipes. Click here for more information about the book and ordering.

#2: The Complete Practical Distiller, 1875, by M.L. Byrn
Originally published in 1854, a couple years after "The Complete Practical Brewer", M.L. Byrn and Henry Carey Baird once again teamed up to deliver the early American perspective to distilling. This book discusses different techniques and recipes for producing distilled spirits. SOLD OUT Click here for more information about the book and ordering.

#1: The Complete Practical Brewer, 1852, by M.L. Byrn
Not to be confused with the "Practical Brewer" produced by the MBAA during the mid to late 1900s, this is one of the early American brewing texts.  Authored by an American, M.L. Byrn, and printed by one of the earliest American publishers of technical books, Henry Carey Baird. Click here for more information about the book and ordering.