To help answer many questions about our books and business we have put together the following FAQ.


  1. Are the books available now? - Any of the books on the main books page are in-stock right now, unless otherwise noted. Typically this "otherwise noted" would be because we have made a book available for pre-order. See below for a FAQ section on pre-orders.
  2. How many copies of each book are printed? - Currently we only print about 500 copies of each title.
  3. Why print such a limited number? - We don't want to enter the book industry where large inventories are kept of many books. Inventories cost money, which in the end increase the cost of the book. Instead, we want to re-introduce the books into the brewing community, and move on to the next book.
  4. How close are the books to the original? - Each book is digitally typeset, to provide a good clean copy that should be representative of the original when it was new. We make every attempt to match font styles and sizes. We will design custom fonts where necessary to replicate the type. Page layouts are replicated. The images are cleaned up to eliminate ink seap seen in the original copy. We even go so far as to replicate mistakes in the original books typesetting.
    The actual sizes of the books on some of our books differ from the originals due to the fact that they were printed in odd sizes which would be costly to reproduce today. Also, the covers are different than the originals. We feel that our covers are nicer than most of the books from these periods, and can be done at a reasonable cost.
    Click here to read review of one of our books which discusses the quality of the presentation of the book.
  5. If you sell out, will you do another printing? - Probably not. Demand for historical brewing texts is somewhat limited, and we don't want to get left with a couple hundred copies of the book. Risks like these are why books cost so much in the general market. That and distribution costs.
  6. How do I guarantee that I get a copy of an up-coming title? - Pre-order. See the pre-ordering section below.
  7. Why don't you make it available as a print-on-demand book? - Print on demand books are only done as paperbacks and with a limited choice of options for producing the book. To produce a book that we would be happy with owning, we chose to go the good old route.
  8. Why only hard covers? - Paperbacks are cheaper to print but don't last as long. Since we are trying to restore the brewing information, we would like to see the books last at least a little while. Paperbacks are also not representative of the original books, and we are trying to remain faithful to the originals, while still keeping the cost reasonable.
  9. Do you offer any brewing club or large order discounts? - Contact us and we will see what we can do for the quantity in question.


When we introduce a new title, we make a pre-order available to past customers. We will inform them of the new book and give them a way to guarantee that they get a copy of the book. This allows us to make sure we cover demand with the printing quantity and in exchange we give our customers a discount on the book.

  1. Why should I pre-order? - To guarantee that you get a copy of the book. Due to the fact that printing will be a limited number of copies, we can't guarantee that there will be many available for sale after it has been printed.
  2. Is the pre-order just a reservation or am I buying the book now? - You are buying the book now, and it will be delivered when it is printed.

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If you have any questions, e-mail: brewbooks@raudins.com